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Student Stress #challengesuccess

I had the opportunity to attend the Challenge Success Workshop at Stanford.  I like to say that… “at Stanford.”

We put a great deal of stress on students with school, homework, and extracurriculars.  Do we justify this stress by thinking, “We’re just preparing them for the real world”?

Are their brains even ready for this kind of stress?

During the conference, I kept thinking about my own children and the roller coaster of time demands our family endures.  Some days, it feels like they should have more to do, and other days, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I feel that, as a teacher, I should continue to be flexible with the amount of homework I assign and with deadlines.

As a member of our school’s #ChallengeSuccess team, I can spread the gospel.

As a school system, I feel that some of the takeaways of the conference were out of my hands.  We are a district that prizes its number of AP courses, its test scores, and its scholarship dollars.  We award weighted credit for more difficult classes; we pay students for passing AP scores.  We award improvements of ACT scores with exam exemptions.  We have class ranks.

I understand why we do these things.  BUT… it does conflict with much of the #challengesuccess agenda.



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