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What’s Your LMS Personality? Take THIS quiz!

There’s no quiz.  It would be great if you could take a quiz, which would then point you to an LMS that fits your subject area and teaching style.  If we’re dreaming big, we might as well wish that it would also fit your students’ individual learning styles.

Our school system has a long, storied history with learning management systems (LMS).

It began with Desire2Learn, which was the platform adopted by A.C.C.E.S.S., which is Alabama’s online learning program.  I don’t recall its exact inception, but I feel like I’ve been teaching online courses forever (realistically, probably 7-8 years).

The Madison City School System then introduced Moodle, though they didn’t dedicate enough server space for it to operate smoothly.  We used it until we gave up.  I liked Moodle, and once I separated its glitches associated with its lack of server space from its functionality, I believe I still like Moodle.  Those who hated it, well, they probably knew nothing about customization.

Then came Edmodo.  We were so happy that its mobile app worked and that it had plug-ins.  It was “prettier” than Moodle, but I never liked that scrolling newsfeed.  Folders or no, there’s something to be said for customization.

Then Schoology.  I had an all-to-brief rendezvous with Schoology.  I won’t claim to be an expert here.  Probably due to time constraints, I jumped shipped and returned to Edmodo.

And now Google Classroom.

I do not dislike Google Classroom.  As a matter of fact, I love when something integrates apps I already use.  It isn’t terribly complicated– if you’ve use any of the above, you should transition smoothly.

But if you’ve used any of the above, you might also be a little disappointed.

Maybe I’m a fickle LMS personality.  I see, in my mind’s eye, what needs to be in my LMS.  I wish I had it all– a static page to hold folders for each unit that I could easily transfer from course to course, a scrolling news feed for immediacy, a discussion forum, an assignment area, a quiz area, enriched multimedia and gamification, social media integration, a mobile app, and the moon.


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