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Digital Native… *cringe*

Some people dislike the word “moist.”  I cringe when I hear the term “digital native.”  Like nails across a chalkboard, like teeth on a metal fork cringe…

Maybe it’s not that bad… Actually, I approach that term in the same manner that I approach terms like the Lochness Monster and Bigfoot.  I love both of these entities; I would love for them to exist.  But for now, they have to be relegated to the realms of myth.

I feel that students are comfortable with technology as long as they are CONSUMERS of technology.  When it comes time to be a CREATOR… not so much.  When it comes time to be a CREATOR with a purpose, well, even less.

Today, my freshman comp class focused on sending an appropriate email– appropriate in format, message, and tone.  You may say, “Email is soooo outdated.”  Well, most universities and jobs still use email on the regular.  I just completed another round of grad school, and yeah… my professors and I EMAILED each other.  I teach online classes, and yeah… I EMAIL my students.  My husband teaches online classes, and yeah… they EMAIL each other.  The local engineering sector?  Yeah, they EMAIL each other.

We covered the in’s and out’s of emailing, and I asked my students to email me.  I can’t describe the level of discomfort.  It was as if they hadn’t had a bowel movement in days.

By the end class, my students sent me emails that wouldn’t be a terrible embarrassment.  I returned their emails.  We’ll see where it goes.

But you know where it’s not going?  To Shangri-la.  To El Dorado.  To Atlantis.  Because they’re mythical places, in case anyone’s confused.


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