Embracing Tech Change

Our district PD included a visit from Eric Sheninger.  He shared his school’s tech revolution and how they kept it standards driven.

I agree with his message, but it did feel a little canned and a little dated.  To me, anyway.  But honestly… It was a message that some of our teachers needed to hear.

In our school district, we have one section of teachers who embrace technology and seamlessly integrate it into their lessons.  We have a second section of teachers who agree with the concept but who don’t put into it practice as often as they should.  We have a third section of teachers who just aren’t going to change, unless they’re held accountable, anyway.

For example, I think filming and editing a video is such a basic skill that I think all teachers should be doing this regularly.  I think blended learning should be the norm.  Social media… I am reduced to guttural noises on this topic.  I could generate quite the list on this topic, but I’ll spare you.  I appreciate our district’s patience with change and their respect for teacher autonomy, but I’ve gotta say… they have more patience than I do.

I wish I could say that Eric Sheninger provided the motivation that Sections #2 and Section #3 needed.  At best, it reaffirmed Section #1’s efforts, and I suppose that’s better than nothing.




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