It’s been awhile.

During the spring, student publications like literary magazines and yearbooks are in frenzy mode, and the only way to handle the frenzy is through effective time management, organization, delegation, and prioritization.  Each of these topics in relation to student publications is worthy of its own blog post, so I’m going to focus on the one most evident:


Reflection is important, but sometimes when the current is moving quickly, it’s all a blur.

This blog, an evidence of my reflection or lack thereof, reflects something just as important– my priorities.  Right now, my students and their success as communicators and thinkers and our actual student publications are my priorities during the school day.

Once we have the printed literary magazine in hand and its corresponding website popping and the student news site updated for the final time for the year, I’ll think of plenty of could haves and should haves.  They’ll probably wake me up in the middle of the night and will most likely manifest into blog posts.  I’ll then calm myself by thinking of this year’s successes.  These will probably be blog posts, too.

Right now, the current is swift, and my students and I are in this together.  I’ll stand at the water’s edge soon enough.


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