#notatiste and #iste14

This year, I had the opportunity to attend ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education conference), and I wasn’t able to make it because of my summer school obligations.  You know what?  Even though I was 4 hours away from the conference, I still connected with other professionals and learned about some new tools that I could try in my classroom, all thanks to Twitter, TeacherCast, and ISTELive.  

123dapp, Tackk, VersoApp, and Plickers looked like useful tools for the classroom.  I’m not sure if I’m going to use them or not, but you know what, it’s nice to know they exist.  I also loved seeing how other people were using the tools I already use.  

I witnessed the crowdsourcing of notes using Google Docs.  Attendees took notes in the platform of their choice  (WordPress, Evernote, Padlet, Google Docs) and posted the link in one Google Doc, which was shared with everyone via Twitter.  Check it out:  tinyurl.com/iste14notes   It would be interesting to crowdsource notes across one teacher’s classes.  What if we shared class notes with other teachers of the same subject?  What if we shared notes with classes at other schools?   

Most importantly, connecting with other educators who share my interests and inspire me to go the extra mile is the best.

#ISTE14…  Would I have rather been there in person?  Yes.  Was I grateful that technology connected me with the knowledge and inspiration I wanted?  Most definitely.




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