Animated Gifs

Gifs are not new, and using animated gifs to illustrate information isn’t new.  Gyfs might even replace Gifs in the near future, BUT… this was the first year that my students made informative gifs in Photoshop.  It’s new to me.

If your class doesn’t have access to Photoshop, you can use a variety of gif-making apps for the iPad or even online.  Echograph, Gifboom, etc.  I’ve even seen apps on smartphones where you can use photos and text.

Gifs are easy to embed in websites and share on social media, and they’re a great way to add a bit of animation to a concept.

The Process

1. My students chose their topics and sketched out their ideas on paper.  They considered how their design might impact the understanding of the information.

2.  They then used Photoshop still-frame animation to create their gifs.

3.  They completed peer critiques.  After reflecting, several made changes to the initial design.

4.  They uploaded their gifs to Photobucket to share on their portfolio websites and social media. We used our class Photobucket account.

Assignment Ideas

1.  You can create them yourself for your own presentations.

2.  Maybe you want your classes to create brief tutorials for exam review.  You can easily post them to blogs or websites using an embed code.

3.  You could also use this as a way to generate interest in your subject area on social media.

Student Samples

How the Eye Works by Alanis C.


Notes on the Treble Clef by Ben E.

Bird’s Eye Perspective by Kim C.




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