Students participated in the #twitterfiction festival.  Students worked individually or in small groups to tell stories through Twitter, and they also studied how professional authors and comedians participated in the festival.  It was great fun, and we had several successful interactions with the professionals.

1.  All students wrote a flash fiction with the #twitterfiction hashtag.

2.  Students had the choice of using their personal social media account or creating a fake account.

3.  Students then created a more complicated storyline.  This story was told over several days and could include images, Vine videos, or Youtube videos.  Students had the choice of working individually or in small groups.  Students were encouraged to use a unique hashtag in addition to the #twitterfiction hashtag so that we could filter their stories easily using Tweetdeck, etc.

4.  Students also learned to use Tweetdeck to manage and view multiple stories at once.

We had a great time participating in the Twitterfiction festival, and I would definitely participate again.


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