When doing research, there are many different sites you can use to make research on the internet more efficient.  One such site is Citelighter.   


Saves time, citations provided in APA, MLA, Chicago, etc., exports to Word, Google Docs, etc., and you can annotate them and share them


I can’t think of any.

Keep in mind, when you’re using Citelighter, you may need to use a browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Assignment Idea:

This is a great way to teach paraphrasing, summarizing, main idea, supporting ideas, etc.  Students can pull quotations from the web on a research topic.  In the annotations, they can write a summary or a paraphrase.  They could also identify the main idea of the passage.  This can be shared with you digitally or printed off.  You can use this as a practice exercise or even in the research paper process.


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